Saturday, 1 June 2013

all home !

and only one scout uniform left behind !

please contact us to reclaim it !

well done everyone.

a fantastic week !

Banter ! ! !

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Friday, 31 May 2013


Could you all park in the far end of the carpark behind the HQ - that way we can get in with the busses and trailers to unload, thanks. 

leaving poole

eta at rear of scout hq is 0030 hours !

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at lilliputs hq loading the cycles

Just approaching Poole harbour entrance.  Should be ashore in about 20 mins - then a cycle back to the Scout HQ we left the bus and trailer at.

approaching poole harbour entrance !

Hmmm, must be an England out there in all that water - just got my UK phone signal back. 

Should be back in Blighty in about half an hour.

the explorers passing comment to the islanders !

Cycled to St Helier. At the ferry terminal with time to spare.

Birthday Cake

Megans birthday cake !

Final 'Colours' before packing - cycling back to the ferry lunch time and then heading home.

Final 'Colours' before packing - cycling back to the ferry lunch time and then heading home.

friday - Megans birthday ! The Bumps !

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Campfire, in the company of Explorer Scouts, and Fellowship members, from Jersey

camp fire 3

Penguin Racing !

camp fire 2

camp fire start !

James and George running into the sea !

kayaking this morning at St Brelade

A visit to the German War Tunnels/Underground Hospital....(2)

A visit to the German War Tunnels/Underground Hospital (1)

A morning of kayaking and swimming....

Morning all, little bit of a lie-in this morning - now all up and sorting, breakfast first, then off for a bit of kayaking. Probably the war tunnels later........

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

James and Alice teaching St Ouens young leader Graham the bosuns call .

video 3 of cycle along old railway line

video of old railway line cycling to Corbiere !

video cycling along the old railway line

video of Simon contemplating pushing Shane off his cycle !

evening meal

please note Harry is helping Heidi serve ! !

video at Corbiere Lighthouse and looking across St Ouens Bay

James !

ice cream at St Catherines Breakwater

Rosie and her protection team !

Did you miss us??? - just back from a whole day cycling around Jersey, a few pics for you........